What is Grace

I admit to feeling somewhat daunted by this question. Not having begun writing today with any agenda or ideas, I was surprised when this question suddenly popped up. The spontaneity of its emergence suggests to be a kind of purity in its formation; an absence of the neatly sculpted lines produced by analytical thought. Gazing … More What is Grace

Nurturing our creative selves

I find something faintly enticing about a freshly sharpened pencil. Perhaps it is the anticipation of creative endeavour, the expansiveness of possibility stretching out ahead. Perhaps it evens precedes this; through the act of sharpening unconsciously making a commitment to pursuing an idea or process, surrendering to wherever it may lead. That moment just before … More Nurturing our creative selves

On the meaning of care

Conversations and events this week have drawn me into reflecting on the values and intentions that steer therapeutic work. How do we prioritise what needs our attention most urgently when our mind is swimming with messages. What facilitates evolution in the context of our care role and within ourselves? Whatever the particulars of our role … More On the meaning of care

Making it happen

Having deliberately set this time aside to write, naturally I spent the previous ten minutes doing everything but. Enthusiastically getting to know two adorable dogs wiggling out from the next table, eavesdropping on the conversations of strangers, indulging in a little (seated) dance to irresistibly catchy music pouring out of the ceiling speakers….nothing even related … More Making it happen